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Maison DEHESA is reinventing sashimi-style canned sardines, thanks to Japanese smoking methods. Their deboning with tweezers, also unique, gives them the lowest salt level on the market. In addition to the salting process, they are cold smoked in order to sublimate their fat and give them a firm yet melting texture like sashimi.


  • Sustainably caught in the Gulf of Cantabria.
  • A delicious sashimi-like texture.
  • A delicate fat that lingers on the palate.
  • Incredible freshness rendered by the crunchiness and the iridescent reflection on the skin.
  • No additives or preservatives.

XXL Japanese Smoked Sardines Sashimi - Large Size

  • Traceability: Our sardines come from sustainable fishing in the port of Santoña in Cantabria. Our producer Alberto knows how to find the largest sizes of sardines in the world to offer you a product of XXL choice.

    Integrated production method: Selected and processed according to an artisanal and ancestral Japanese method, the sardines are then smoked with natural beech wood and then go through a classic salting process.

    100% original: In order to preserve its natural crunch and the flavor of its noble fat, often drowned in oil and salt from canning, Maison Dehesa has reinvented the sardine in the style of a Sashimi: an original combination of Mediterranean and Japanese techniques, to obtain a semi-raw product that explodes in the mouth!

    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.

    Ingredients : Sardines, Oil

    Allergens: Fish.