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Sourced from responsible fishing in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, our bottargas are taken from female mullets who have reached maturity in order to obtain King Size eggs. Their unique size makes it possible to practice a slower and longer maturation, and to avoid astringency and salt, two defects often present in many bottargas on the market.


Signature Mullet Bottarga - 1 month of drying

A must have for great chefs! Deliciously soft texture, similar to sea urchin tongues. Dominant mineral notes, fruity on the finish. To be enjoyed slightly chilled like sashimi, or with a spoon like caviar.


King Size Mullet Bottarga - 2 months of drying

Texture of candied fruit paste to be tasted in strips. Notes of bitterness and iodine and delicate fruity notes. To be tasted in thin slices.


Classic Mullet Bottarga - 3 months of drying

Dry texture, to be grated into a powder. Powerful bitter and iodized notes. Use it to season all your favourite dishes.

  • Without beeswax
  • Without note of salt or astringency.
  • No preservatives, no additives and no GMOs.

The Classic Mullet Bottarga

  • Traceability: Caught in the Mediterranean, our responsible fishermen focus on catch areas with pure waters and patiently wait for the females to reach full maturity.

    100% original: With our 3 maturation legths, you can pick which texture and aromatic palette you prefer.

    No preservatives or additives and no GMO.

    Ingredients : Mullet eggs, Salt

    Allergens: fish