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On the market, caviar often has a muddy taste and a soft texture. DEHESA reveals the caviar of yesteryear, fresh and ultra-iodized, while respecting the challenges of sustainable development. Our caviar is thus the first caviar with an organic label in the world.


Our farm uses a 100% natural diet that replicates the natural feeding habits of the animal in its biotope. By respecting the life cycle of the sturgeon, the 18 year old females offer eggs of size 3mm, which only Belugas obtain.


Thanks to a short salting process, and the lowest salt usage on the market, this fresh caviar offers ultra-iodised aromas with a "bone-cutting" taste.

Organic Caviar "Origin" 50g

  • Traceability: The quality of the water is the first criterion for selecting good caviar. This is why we have selected a farm nestled at the birth of a mountain spring in the heart of the Sierra Nevada in Spain. From this mountain, an area protected by UNESCO, gushes fossil water*, the purest in the world. The water cascades down the mountain and has protected the Naccarri or Adriatic sturgeon since the beginning of time.

    Integrated production method: This species of sturgeon, which is indigenous and not crossbred, has escaped poaching and water pollution here. Farming that respects the conditions of the wild sturgeon

    100% original: Our farm uses 100% natural and certified organic feed and replicates the natural feeding habits of the animal in its biotope. The farm also respects the life cycle of the Naccarri. Around the age of 18, the females offer the best eggs. At this stage of maturity, the caviar has an exceptional size of over 3 mm. Its freshness leads to a very moderate use of salt, lower than that of the market.

    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.

    Allergens : Fish