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Awarded many times at the Madrid feria, our lomo offers an incomparable texture and a nuanced taste thanks to a balance of selected spices. A work of lace, a world away from the overpowering, salty taste of industrial sausages.


  • Incomparable texture and a nuanced taste thanks to a balance of spices.

  • Patanegra breed, reared in the Dehesa: a genetic specificity that brings tenderness and unique marbling.

  • Natural feed made up of rustic herbs and Bellota, which gives the fat a mineral filter and a flowery tone.

  • Cured meats made only with the noblest parts of the Iberian pig from Bellota (ham, collar, fat from Bellota) and selected spices of the highest quality.
  • Wrapped in natural casings.

Lomo de Bellota - Sliced 80g

  • Traceability: Certification of traceability to the Iberian or Patanegra pig origin. European artisanal label DOP Iberico de Bellota Guijuelo.

    Integrated production method: Our animals are fed 100% natural feed, consisting of rustic herbs (thyme, rosemary, breadcrumbs, etc.) and two seasons of Bellota (raised for 18 to 24 months, compared with 12 months on the market).

    100% original: doubled and 100% artisanal maturing: the lomos are matured for up to 12 months, in the mountain air, and in cellars by a manual ventilation system to ensure a delicate taste without a pronounced salt note.

    Ingredients: Iberian pork tenderloin, salt and chilli pepper, E-252, E-250

    Allergens: None. Gluten free. Lactose free.