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Inspired by the Japanese candied garlic from Aomori, our black shallot is produced using a certified organic farming method and a controlled drying technique, in order to develop an aromatic and surprising complexity, similar to balsamic vinegar, Japanese plum or Agen prune.


  • Firm to the touch and smooth in the mouth.
  • Sweet notes of prune and our P.X balsamic vinegar.

  • No additives or preservatives.

Fermented Black Shallot

  • Traceability: Our black shallot is produced in certified organic agriculture

    100% original: With our productice, we have developed many other plants based on this fermentation technique, including the shallot. The latter offers a texture that is both firm and melting at the same time, and a rare aromatic complexity, oriented towards acids and Umami, the preferred flavours of Nouvelle Cuisine.

    No preservatives or additives and GMO-free.

    Ingredients : Fermented shallot from organic farming