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Inspired by the Iranian black lemon, our lemon offers the balsamic acidity of our old P.X. vinegar as a top note, and the bitterness of the citrus fruit at the end.


Our fermentation thus respects the original taste of this ancestral citrus fruit, in order to preserve the classic pairings with fish in particular.


This wide and unique aromatic spectrum is made possible by a unique fermentation process that slices the lemon into two parts: the dried skin for the bitterness and the fermented inner flesh for the acidity.


  • Certified organic.

  • Umami guaranteed with two dominant notes: the acidity of rare balsamic vinegar and the citrus of citrus fruit.
  • No additives, no preservatives


Fermented Black Lemon

  • Traceability: Our black lemon is produced in certified ecological agriculture. With it, we have developed many other plants based on this fermentation technique, including lemon. The latter offers a rare aromatic complexity, oriented towards acids and Umami, the preferred flavours of Nouvelle Cuisine.

    100% original: Together with Nati, our producer, we have developed numerous plants based on the fermentation technique, including mandarin, black lemon, shallot and garlic.

    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.

    Ingredients : Fermented lemon from organic farming.