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Our small sardines are caught using sustainable fishing off the coast of Galicia. They are then washed, rinsed and soaked according to a traditional ancestral process, typical of canneries in northern Spain.


Let yourself be surprised by our small sardines with the lowest salt content on the market.


  • Small sardines: “22-24” caliber very rare on the market.
  • Sustainably caught in the Gulf of Cantabria.
  • No floury texture.
  • A delicate fat with no pronounced salty or oily notes.

Canned XXS Sardines

  • Traceability: For small sardines aficionados, Maison DEHESA has selected a family cannery in northern Galicia for its extraordinary selection of fish from local fishermen.

    Integrated production method: Rigorously handpicked according to their size as soon as they arrive in port, our sardines have their bones removed one by one with tweezers.

    100% original: Maison DEHESA has selected an artisan in Galicia, who manages to preserve all the freshness of the fish and offer a rare and delicate caliber.

    No preservatives or additives and no GMO.

    Ingredients : Sardines, sea salt, sunflower oil.

    Allergens : Fish.