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We have selected an Italian canner based in the Spanish Basque country, using a combination of Italian, Spanish and French techniques used in the mediterranean since antiquity, for a unique result. The ultra-soft texture and delicate fat is highlighted by its beautiful pink slices.


In order to enhance its tenderness, we have created the first can with the heart of tuna belly! The prized cut of tuna!

  • Soft and delicate texture.
  • Perfect presentation thanks to slicing in thin regular strips.
  • Without preservatives, without additives and without GMOs.

Canned Tuna Belly

  • Traceability: Artisanal fishing, located in the Spanish Basque Coast.

    Ingredients: Albacore tuna belly (Thunnus Alalunga) 70%, olive oil 29%, salt 1%.

    No preservatives or additives and no GMOs.

    Allergens: Fish.