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Our bottarga are responsibly fished in the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean and are taken from mature female mullet to obtain king size roe. Their unique size allows for a slower and longer maturation process and avoids astringency and saltiness, two defects often found in many bottarga on the market.


Signature Mullet Bottarga - 1 month curing

The must-have of great chefs! Sea urchin texture to be tasted like sea urchin tongues. Dominant mineral notes, fruity at the end. To be eaten fresh, like a sashimi, or spooned out, like caviar.


King Size Mullet Poutargue - 2 months drying time

A candied fruit paste texture to be enjoyed in strips. Delicate bitter, iodine and fruity notes. To be eaten in thin slices.


Classic Mullet Poutargue - 3 months drying time

Dry texture for use as a powder with a grater. Strong bitter and iodine notes. To grate on all your seasonings.


  • Beeswax free
  • No saltiness or astringency.
  • No preservatives, no additives and no GMOs.

More information can be found in our tasting guide.

The Mulet Bottargas

  • Traceability: Our responsible fishermen concentrate on catching fish in clean waters in the Mediterranean and wait patiently for the fully matured females.

    100% original: Thanks to our slow-maturation process, we offer you the choice of texture and aromatic palette adapted to your taste.

    Ingredients: Mullet eggs, Salt

    Allergens: fish